Licences Required for Hotel Businesses in Thailand

Business owners planning to open a hotel in Thailand which has more than 4 guest rooms and can accommodate more than 20 guests, whether described as a guest house, bed and breakfast or hostel, will require registering a hotel license.

Thai law and regulations requires certain fields to be met, before the accommodation provider can meet the mandatory criteria to qualify for licences which are necessary to run the business according to Thai law.

Thailand Business Consultant can provide a hotel licence application service, to ensure your hotel complies with all necessary regulations to operate within Thai law. Other key licensing areas for hospitality providers to consider include:

Thailand Hotel Licensing Services

Guest house licence Thailand

Hotel Business License Service

Inspection and necessary architectural recommendations to meet all licensing requirements. This service is for hotels of 50 rooms or less.

Thai hotel licence

Hotel and Restaurant Business

Inspection and necessary architectural recommendations for hotel businesses which provide restaurant facilities.

Thailand Business Licence

Hotel, Restaurant and Seminar Rooms

Aforementioned services for hotels which also have meeting rooms for guests to conduct business.

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